Maria is committed to empowering grievers to release the myth of perfection; Taking action to honour and nurture our bodies. She has a heart of gold.”
~ Deborah, Coach, About Face Image

“Maria is light-hearted, deliciously quirky and funny; on the side, she talks about the most profound grief.
~ Elle N

“Maria listens and responds from her heart with understanding. It’s something special about Maria that makes me comfortable sharing my grief experience.”

“Maria shines a light on grief, giving hope to others to create ways to grow around the pain.”
~ Jessica

Maria is highly skilled, and her approach is one of being open to what people are dealing with. Her kind loving way of being had me heard, witnessed, and acknowledged for my pain. Even though I still miss my loved one.”
~ Thanks Maria, Love you, Roy

Maria is compassionate and caring, listening and validating your feelings. She is gentle around the wounds of loss, knowing too well the struggles. That’s why she is a tremendous mentor for grieving parents.”
~ Deb