Healing Heart

Finding Pockets of Peace in Grief.


No one chooses to walk the path of grief, but you can choose someone to walk alongside you and help you navigate it. 

Hi! I’m Maria, a bereaved mom and a Grief Support Coach.

The passing of my oldest son pulled me into a world of despair, dealing with complex emotions and people wanting me to “get over it.”

But it’s not that simple.

Within the turbulence, I discovered a profound truth: It lasts longer than most people think, and it’s deeply personal and unique.

This sparked an unshakable purpose in me: to reshape how we perceive grief.

Drawing from my experience, I’ve crafted invaluable strategies and tools to navigate the grief journey.

As a grief coach, I aim to meet you where you are. Offering a safe space free from judgement to guide you toward your “pockets” of peace.

My Gift to you

Grief isn’t Something to be solved…..

Grief is a deeply personal path, layered with complexity. It isn’t a problem to solve, it’s more like a life-altering surgery.

You’re left with scars—invisible signs of a loss so profound, they alter your very being. Some people will rush you to “get over it.” Yet healing is not about erasing scars or forgetting. It’s about learning to live with them,

Moving forward means recognizing we can’t change the past, but you have the power to reshape your future.

You have the wisdom to navigate your grief your way. Whenever you’re ready, I’m here to assist you in finding peace and healing, while also helping you envision a future that honors your loss.

With love,



1:1 Support Coaching

Our 20-minute chat is designed as an introductory session for individuals in search of support.

You’ll have the space to share your grief experience and evaluate our fit as a coach-to-client partnership.

A nominal fee of $15 is required.

Group Coaching

A safe space where you’re not alone in your journey. It’s not about “fixing” grief; it’s about embracing self-compassion and finding pockets of peace

This isn’t typical coaching. Your feelings matter deeply, your voice will be heard, and your pain is acknowledged.

Pockets of Peace Conversation

This is a space for anyone who has felt the heaviness of “what ifs,” “could’ve,” “should’ve,” “would have,” and “if only.”

Monthly conversations





Grief affects all aspects of your life.
Listen in.

Hope and support to lead an imperfect life through a grieving heart.

Understanding the flow and mindset of grief.

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